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Streamlining Mail Operations at Three Ireland


As the second-largest mobile operator in Ireland, Three boasts a significant market share and serves over two million customers with its extensive network coverage. With key locations including a head office in Dublin, a Customer Care Centre in Limerick, and numerous retail stores nationwide, Three supports a workforce of over 1,400 employees.

Challenges & Installation

The Dublin office, housing over 2,000 staff members, faced logistical challenges due to the high volume of deliveries received weekly. Items were signed for in the basement, manually recorded, and then transferred to the mailroom for distribution. This manual process was time-consuming, error-prone, and lacked accuracy. Recognsing the need for improvement, the facilities manager sought out potential solutions.

Solutions Implementation

After evaluating several options, Three selected mail tracking system, OmniPost, as the preferred solution. OmniPost streamlined the mail handling process by digitising tracking and delivery procedures. Upon arrival, items were logged into the web-based system, and recipients were notified electronically. The mailroom team used handheld devices to transfer items, capture signatures, and update delivery statuses in real-time. This automated process provided complete visibility and improved accuracy, reducing manual errors and saving time.


The implementation of OmniPost revolutionised mail management at Three Ireland. The facilities manager noted significant improvements, including enhanced oversight of deliveries, simplified reporting capabilities, and efficient tracking of items. With OmniPost, staff members could easily locate items, access delivery information, and streamline operations. The facilities manager endorsed OmniPost as a valuable tool for organisations seeking to optimise inbound delivery processes, citing its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features. Overall, OmniPost proved instrumental in enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity at Three Ireland.

"Installing OmniPost has made our process a lot easier.

From a management point of view, I have a full overview of how many deliveries we have in stock and
where they are. This helps me to run reports on a number of items, the time it takes for them to be
delivered and many more. I would recommend OmniPost to any organisation looking to improve their
process for dealing with inbound deliveries." Facilities Manager at Three

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