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Future-Proofing Front of House at 3 Hardman Square

Client Background 

 Nestled in the vibrant heart of Manchester's prime business and commercial district, 3 Hardman Square in Spinningfields stands as a testament to modern office excellence. Recently featured on the popular Netflix series "Fool Me Once," the Grade A office building boasts a newly renovated reception area, complete with a business lounge, offering a premium experience for tenants and visitors alike. 

 For the past eight years, Safetynet Solutions has been a trusted supplier to 3 Hardman Square, with our flagship solution, SkyVisitor, leading the charge in front-of-house operations. Handling over 1500 visitors daily, the SkyVisitor system plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless visitor management, catering to the diverse needs of tenants and their visitors. 


The Solutions Implemented 

Managing a high influx of visitors poses significant challenges. Manual check-ins and gate control is time-consuming, compromising both security and visitor experience. With 3 Hardman Square being one of Manchester's busiest sites, an efficient solution is imperative. 

Safetynet Solutions enhanced visitor management at 3 Hardman Square by integrating the SkyVisitor system with the site's preexisting Access Control system and turnstile integration. This enhancement introduced QR code entry, enabling visitors to receive a unique code to their mobile upon check-in, facilitating seamless passage through the turnstiles and lifts. 

Moreover, dedicated support ensured swift troubleshooting and system optimisation, enhancing operational efficiency for front of house staff. 



The Benefits  

  • The introduction of QR code entry and prebooking capabilities streamlined the visitor journey, significantly reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction. 
  • Manual processes were replaced with automated solutions, saving time and resources for both front-of-house staff and security personnel. 
  • With real-time visitor tracking and streamlined access control integration, security measures were significantly strengthened, providing peace of mind to tenants and management alike.

Looking Ahead 

Looking ahead, Safetynet Solutions aims to further refine the visitor management system to accommodate the evolving needs of 3 Hardman Square.  

 Plans include implementing separate views for building reception and security, enhancing the control of contractors in the control room including site inductions being captured electronically. 

 Additionally, innovative self-check-in tablets to further enhance the experience of expected visitors to elevate the experience while retaining the personal touch of reception


"Having partnered with Safetynet Solutions for over eight years, we've witnessed first-hand the invaluable contributions their visitor management system has made to 3 Hardman Square. Not only has it bolstered our security measures and streamlined visitor processes, but it's also a testament to our enduring relationship built on trust and reliability. As we look towards the future, we're excited about the prospect of further innovations and enhancements that Safetynet Solutions will bring, ensuring 3 Hardman Square remains at the forefront of modern office experience."
- Samantha Challenger, JLL Building Manager