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Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability at Two St. Peter’s Square

Client Background  

Nestled in the bustling heart of central Manchester, Two St. Peter’s Square stands tall as a recognisable building managed by CBRE, offering 160,000 sq ft of Grade A office space across 12 storeys. With a daily influx of over 1000 visitors, the site stands as one of Manchester's busiest business hubs. Hosting a diverse array of visitors, including clients, staff members, and contractors, the building demands robust visitor management solutions to ensure seamless operations and tenant satisfaction.  

For over seven years, Safetynet Solutions has been a trusted ally to Two St. Peter’s Square, providing innovative solutions to streamline the visitor management process. Since the building’s launch in 2017, Safetynet's SkyVisitor solution has played a pivotal role in optimising front-of-house operations, continually evolving with the technology of the building.  

SkyVisitor allows tenants to conveniently prebook visitors, providing tailored arrival and travel information prior to attending site. Upon arrival, visitors and contractors are warmly greeted by the front-of-house team and efficiently checked into SkyVisitor, prompting notifications to hosts confirming their check-in. 


The Solutions Implemented 

Integration with Tenant Engagement App 

To further enhance user experience, Safetynet seamlessly integrated SkyVisitor with CBRE’s exclusive tenant engagement app, HOST. This integration enables tenants to complete SkyVisitor pre-bookings directly without leaving the app, furthering convenience, and accessibility for all stakeholders. 

Beckie Shaw, Assistant Manager at CBRE, praises the platform for its user-friendly interface, making it intuitive for new staff to navigate effortlessly. “While comprehensive training and support are provided, the software's design ensures that users can quickly grasp its functionalities without extensive training. This ease-of-use streamlines operations, reduces the learning curve for staff, and enhances overall efficiency in managing visitor traffic.” 

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs 

Acknowledging the diverse security protocols of tenants, Safetynet ensures flexibility by offering bespoke processes tailored to individual tenant requirements which sit across various industries. This adaptive approach ensures that each tenant's unique needs are addressed effectively, enhancing security while maintaining operational efficiency. 


Looking Ahead 

Innovating Towards Sustainability 

In pursuit of sustainability goals, Safetynet and CBRE are spearheading an exciting initiative to introduce Mobile Access at Two St. Peter’s Square. This advancement will enable occupants to access the building and navigate site facilities seamlessly using a mobile pass. By eliminating the need for plastic cards, this solution not only reduces long-term costs but also aligns with tenants' sustainability policies, promoting environmental responsibility. 

Collaborative Testing and Implementation 

Prioritising tenant involvement, Safetynet and CBRE are conducting trials to test the functionality and user experience of Mobile Access. By involving tenants in the decision-making process, the partners ensure that the solution meets the diverse needs and preferences of all stakeholders. Upon successful testing, the Mobile Access solution will be rolled out across the building, further enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and tenant satisfaction. 

At Two St. Peter’s Square, Safetynet Solutions continues to demonstrate a commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, allowing CBRE and its tenants to stay ahead of the curve in visitor experience. Through collaborative partnerships and tailored solutions, Safetynet remains at the forefront of visitor management, setting new standards for operational excellence.