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Elevating Visitor Experience Through Technology at No 1 Spinningfields

Client Background 

In the heart of Manchester's prime financial district, No 1 Spinningfields has not only redefined the city’s skyline with its 20 stories but has also set new standards for the visitor experience, ‘a best-in-class workplace building, incorporating bespoke technology, design and catering for the UK’s evolving corporate market.’ 

Safetynet Solutions has been a cornerstone in this evolution, providing a visitor management system that seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with the warm, personal touch of the reception team.

As a hub of corporate activity, No 1 Spinningfields requires a sophisticated yet user-friendly solution to manage over 200 daily visitors and 1700 employees. The building sought to enhance its visitor management system to offer greater efficiency without sacrificing the personalised greeting that is crucial to the visitor's experience.

The main challenge was to innovate without imposing on the tenants the financial and operational burden typically associated with the installation of new technology.


The Solutions Implemented 

Safetynet Solutions delivered an innovative approach with SKYVISITOR™ at its core. For 7 years, since the building’s opening, SKYVISITOR™ has been the system of choice, evolving with the building’s needs. Tenants utilise the system to prebook visitors, providing them with bespoke arrival and travel information, ensuring a seamless check-in process.

The latest enhancement came with the need to integrate the system with the building’s physical access control mechanisms. Safetynet delivered an upgrade that offers visitors a QR code upon check-in, whether through a mobile device or a printed pass, which then grants them seamless access through the turnstiles.


Safetynet-1075 copy


Implementation & Results  

Custom API Integration
By developing APIs that worked with existing speed gates and access controls, Safetynet Solutions delivered a state-of-the-art upgrade without the need for costly hardware overhauls.

Frictionless Access
The QR code functionality has reduced bottlenecks at entry points, enabling a continuous movement without compromising security.

Bespoke User Experience
Tailored notifications and updates elevate the personalised visitor journey from the very 
moment of check-in.

Preserving Personal Interaction
Amidst the digital transformation, the traditional reception desk remains a steadfast option for visitors who prefer the personal touch, ensuring that No 1 Spinningfields’ hospitality ethos is preserved.

Head of CX Louise Maughan praises the partnership, "A huge part of our management strategy and USP is continuously reviewing and tailoring our service delivery to reflect our building users’ changing needs & provide a high-quality, holistic experience"

The Future of Visitor Management at No 1 Spinningfields 

Looking ahead, No 1 Spinningfields is committed to further advancing their visitor management system. Future considerations include:

Mobile Access
Providing even more convenience by integrating access cards within Apple and Android Wallets.

Sustainable Practices
Aligning with ESG goals, the move towards digital access will reduce the need for physical passes.

Enhancing Personal Interactions
Despite technological advancements, the commitment to the ‘meet and greet’ ethos will remain paramount.


The collaboration between Safetynet Solutions and No.1 Spinningfields has revolutionised the check-in experience without the expense or disruption of new equipment installations.


By smartly upgrading the existing system to offer quick QR code check-ins alongside personalised reception and mobile host assistance, the partnership has improved efficiency and convenience for tenants and visitors alike. This thoughtful innovation maintains the building's warm welcome while embracing eco-friendly technology, paving the way for future advancements and demonstrating a perfect blend of high-tech efficiency with a human touch.