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Implementing Efficient Staff and Visitor Control at the Roundhouse London

The Roundhouse is one of the most architecturally astounding and unique event spaces in London. As well as hosting live performances from the biggest names in music, theatre, circus and spoken word, the iconic venue provides fantastic support for emerging young talent. 

Inefficiencies on Site

The Roundhouse team were keen to use the latest software developed by Safetynet Solutions® in order to improve their reporting and visitor management. Having previously used Safetynet’s EI-Vis Visitor Management Software for several years, they identified areas in which processes could be improved, such as pre-booking visitors, importing data and tracking issuable items. 

Visitor Management 

Only a few members of staff were using the system due to pre-booking large numbers of visitors being a time consuming process. This meant most visitors had to book in on arrival, leaving the receptionists with a queue of people at the desk.

Issuable items

The items issued by the security team were also a concern. These included access passes, radios, ear pieces and keys, and would be issued to staff and volunteers with no accurate traceability- security staff simply used a hand written sheet to track items. 


The SkyVisitor Solution 

The Roundhouse upgraded to SKYVISITOR™ in Jan 2016, having trailed just a few of its powerful features. They now use the system at their visitor reception to efficiently check in over 200 people each week. All employees use the online portal to pre-book expected visitors on to site, with a fast and efficient method for importing large numbers of data.

Data import

The ability to efficiently upload a spreadsheet of data directly into SKYVISITOR™ has dramatically reduced user errors and administration costs. Pre-booking visitors is now a simple and easy process, which can be completed using the online portal or booker application of SKYVISITOR™. 

“SKYVISITOR™ is great, it really helps to speed up our processes. All 130 members of staff use the system for pre-booking and creating reports.”


Share responsibilities 

All staff are now encouraged to use the system in order to create shared responsibility for all visitors to site and keep accurate data with which to report on. 

“SKYVISITOR™ is great, it really helps to speed up our processes. All 130 members of staff use the system for pre-booking and creating reports. Our housekeeping team use the report to view time in and out of site for payroll purposes and our security team now track all issuable items such as radios, keys, ear pieces and access passes, all of which were previously logged on a hand written sheet. There are a whole host of additional features with SKYVISITOR™, it can certainly do a lot!” - Scott Parker (Operational Technology Manager) 

Bespoke solutions

During the set up process, The Roundhouse chose to configure the system to their own specifications, such as adding unique fields for visitor types and visitor categories, and designing their own unique badges. This has provided them with a totally unique setup which works efficiently for the whole team. Their chosen visitor types include Visitors, Volunteers, Staff, Crew and Contractors and each have a visit category of either ‘visiting’ or ‘working’. These fields are then used in the reporting process on SKYVISITOR™. 

As part of their bespoke set up for the venue, The Roundhouse team are now working towards issuing coloured wristbands on check in. This will help easily identify staff members, volunteers and visitors backstage, creating a complete visitor management solution. 


“The Safetynet Implementation Team have been great, they provided us with help and support throughout the set up process and are always there to help with any additional queries. Someone is always on the end of the phone for us to speak to.” - Scott Parker (Operational Technology Manager) 


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