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White City Place Streamlines Mail Operations with OmniPost


White City Place, comprising MediaWorks and The Westworks, stands as a creative campus in the vibrant hub of White City, known for its rich history and recent transformation into an innovation epicenter. With over 4,000 staff members and growing, White City Place sought to optimise its mailroom operations to handle the influx of parcels, boxes, and documents efficiently.

Challenges & Installation

The mailroom at White City Place faced the daunting task of managing over 2,000 inbound items monthly. The manual process of recording deliveries in a logbook and obtaining recipient signatures proved time-consuming and prone to errors. Recognising the need for improvement, White City Place explored solutions and identified OmniPost as a viable option.

Solutions Implementation

OmniPost, a mail tracking software, presented a solution to streamline mailroom operations and enhance service quality. Upon selecting OmniPost, White City Place transitioned to a web-based system that automated the tracking and delivery process. Now, upon arrival, items are logged into the system, triggering automatic email notifications to recipients. Mailroom staff use mobile computers to scan and collect signatures for deliveries, ensuring accurate tracking and creating a comprehensive audit trail.


Since adopting OmniPost, White City Place has experienced significant improvements in service efficiency and client satisfaction. Automated email notifications and signature collection have enhanced communication with recipients and modernised mailroom operations. The system's ease of use and robust features have garnered praise from staff, and the timely implementation and reliable support have reinforced its effectiveness. Overall, OmniPost has proven instrumental in optimising mailroom processes and meeting the evolving needs of White City Place.

By leveraging OmniPost, White City Place has transformed its mailroom into a streamlined, efficient operation, ensuring timely delivery and accurate tracking of inbound items.

 “Since installing OmniPost the service offered to our clients has improved greatly, we are able to notify them automatically when an item is received. Collecting a signature on a PDA visually improves the service and fits with the modern culture of White City Place. We wanted a system that was easy to use, simple to install and provides visibility of the number of
items we are receiving.

We are also in better contact with our recipients as when an item arrives, OmniPost automatically
emails them. We change the text of the email frequently to notify our clients of events that are
happening around White City Place.” Mark McEwen of White City Place

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