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Streamlining the Guest Check-In Process at The Colmore Building, Birmingham

“The speed of visitor check-in has improved dramatically!”

The Colmore Building has 310,000sq ft of highly specified office space, arranged over ground, mezzanine and 12 upper floors. With a potential 1:8 sq m occupancy ratio and floorplates of around 23,000 sq ft this building is unrivalled in both efficiency and technology. In August 2015, the building was acquired by the property investment firm AshbyCapital before undergoing a multi-million-pound refurbishment. 

Identifying areas for improvement 

After completing their recent building transformation, AshbyCapital decided to focus on much-need improvements for the Colmore Building’s front of house check-in process.

The visitor management software being used was highly inefficient and outdated. This resulted in slow check-in on arrival and an unprofessional service to both the tenants and their visitors. 

Having successfully implemented SKYVISITOR™ in other multi-tenanted buildings, they decided to look at how it could work effectively for this site. There were several points to consider in the initial stages, such as; ease of pre-booking, QR code scanning, linking to access control for the issuing of visitor cards and Apple Wallet functionality.

"We approached Safetynet Solutions® looking for a modern, professional visitor sign-in process that would improve both efficiency and security on site, ultimately delivering the highest possible service to tenants. The Colmore Building has many guests arriving on a daily basis for meetings, interviews and hot desking, so it was important to get right." - Tom Smithers (Head of Asset Management)

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The SKYVISITOR™ Solution

SKYVISITOR™ was implemented at The Colmore Building in August 2017. Their system was set up to include multiple tenant locations, access passes and QR scanners for express check-out. Before going live, the SKYVISITOR™ booker application was installed on-site at their front of house reception and full user training was provided. 

"We’re delighted to have a new, efficient visitor management on site to welcome our guests. The installation and training provided by Safetynet was fantastic!" - Laura Bailey (Front of House Manager)

As part of this set-up, access cards are issued to visitors on arrival – these include a QR code to allow check in and out through SKYVISITOR™. This bespoke set up provides an eco-friendly solution to issuing visitor passes. It eliminates the need for paper and allows the cards to be re-used time and time again. 

"Tenants notify our reception team of expected visitors in order to pre-book them onto the system. When visitors arrive, they are issued with access passes which they can use to swipe through the turnstiles themselves. These bespoke access cards are scanned via a QR reader to log against each visitor. We explain that passes must be returned at the end of the day.”" - Laura Bailey (Front of House Manager)

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Fast, efficient check-in
Since using SKYVISITOR™, the front of house team have seen huge improvements. They are able to use the system with ease and guests experience a smooth check-in arrival.

"SKYVISITOR™ is fast, efficient and easy to use. The speed of uploading Excel spreadsheets and creating reports make things a lot easier. Most importantly, the speed of visitor check-in has improve dramatically!" - Laura Bailey (Front of House Manager)

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With the use of personalised email notifications and access cards, the Colmore Building have enhanced their overall image. Tenants and their guests now receive a professional, high-quality service.

"We love how smart and professional the access cards look and often receive compliments from visitors." - Laura Bailey (Front of House Manager)

Ongoing Support
We asked the team to comment on the support provided by Safetynet:

"The aftercare and support provided by Safetynet is second to none. It’s impressive to see their extensive knowledge of the system." - Laura Bailey (Front of House Manager)

"Safetynet have provided excellent solutions for The Colmore Building. They show a clear understanding of our needs and are willing to support us in making further improvements where possible. The system we have in place now is far superior to what we had previously – especially with the introduction of visitor access cards. We now look to improve processes further by introducing the system to each of our tenants." - Tom Smithers (Head of Asset Management)


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